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Karla is a licensed mental health counselor in the state of Arizona and Washington. She has been in the mental health field since 1998. Her passion as a therapist comes from believing in her clients, fostering change and having an optimistic outlook on therapy. Karla has worked with individuals and families in the private sector, Christian sector as well as the Native American community in Alaska. Her experience has allowed her to obtain great diversity and respect for different cultures and beliefs.

Karla specializes in working with individuals, families, children-teens, couples, and couples seeking mediation during a divorce, and Christian counseling. In addition, she also enjoys working with people who are seeking counseling for life changes, parental coaching, depression and grief.

As a therapist, “I am dedicated to helping my client’s work through their issues and uncover what is the best solution for their individual needs. Change is rarely without difficulty and not always welcome, but most people who come to therapy are coming for that reason. They want their lives to feel more fulfilled but they need guidance, encouragement and understanding to complete this sometimes painful task.”

Karla Lynn Milloy, MA 
Licensed Professional Counselor

East Valley Compassionate Counseling, LLC
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